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Books on Coldingham

PDF Copy of the Book - (Digital copy provided by Google) - Coldingham Parish and Priory by Adam Thomson, F.S.A.(Scot.) (1908)
Author of Lauder and Lauderdale (511 pages)

A History of Coldingham Priory
Alexander William Carr - 1836

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A history of Coldingham priory
Alexander Allan Carr - 1836

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Coldingham Priory History

Open Library - History of the Priory of Coldingham From The Earliest Date to the Present Time

Wikipedia - Coldingham Priory History - Coldingham Priory was a house of Benedictine monks

Monasticon - A History of Coldingham Priory; containing a Survey of the Civil and Ecclesiastical History of Eastern Portion of Berwickshire, anciently termed Coldinghamshire.

The History of St. Ebba and Coldingham Priory

Monasticon - History on Coldingham


Coldingham Village History - Coldingham, Borders

Wikipedia - Coldingham

Coldingham - Our Village - Coldingham Village

Borders Family History Society - Coldingham - Coldingham

UK & Ireland Genealogy - Coldingham


History of Saint Ebba - sister of King Oswald - Ebchester & Medomsley - Two Parishes - Three Churches: Ebba is really known as the Abbess of a monastery at urbs Coludi - the site of the mediaeval priory of Coldingham.